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Winter jokes from nine and ten year old kiddos.


I will occasionally take on a commission from an individual person and this is one I did a few years ago. A really great story idea on this one!

Shepherd Boy

I’m working on some fun new things for children’s ministry!

Top Chef

Cookin’ up a stack of woofels… er… waffles.


Here we have a floppy eared… uhm… dog?… kind of a guy riding some sort of… uhm… ox looking creature. That dog is not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer (if you know what I mean) …he truly is an oxymoron.

A Really Quick Dog Video

Here’s another simple technique you might want to try. Find a nice background image, put it underneath your pencil drawing and then paint on top of it…

Dog Days Of Summer

The heat has kept me inside most of the summer. I can hardly wait to see what temperatures August has to bring.

Dogged By Bad Weather

We here in Northeastern Indiana are currently going through the worst drought in ages. Get ready to pay through the nose for corn in the next few months.