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Sir Rhender LeafSlayer Of Weaselfell

It was pointed out to me that stop motion films were becoming popular again, so I decided to try to make a fully articulated character that could be posed, shot and animated. I put this guy together and made a really, REALLY rough experimental video with… Continue Reading “Sir Rhender LeafSlayer Of Weaselfell”

2010 Video SketchBook

It’s 2011 and I’m just now getting my 2010 Video Sketchbook posted up onto the almighty YouTube. So much for the start getting things done in a prompt and timely manner New Year’s resolution. I wanted to use a Steven Delopoulos song for this so… Continue Reading “2010 Video SketchBook”

iPad Brushes CapnAmerica

I’m still making pictures on my iPad. Here’s one I did the other night…

iPad Brushes Vanishing Breed

It seems to me that after this last election, you just don’t see as many blue dogs on the street as you used to…

iPad Brushes Portrait 1

So last night I was trying to watch the Texas Rangers win the American League Pennant against the Yankees because I helped build the Rangers Stadium with my tax dollars back when we lived in Arlington and I wanted to see how my investment… Continue Reading “iPad Brushes Portrait 1”

iPad Brushes Gator

What I am discovering as I do these pictures on an iPad with a blunt little Pogo stylus, is that I have to work much looser than I usually do… and that’s probably not such a bad thing for me to do on a regular… Continue Reading “iPad Brushes Gator”

iPad Brushes Batman

I liked the way this one looked at this point, so I just stopped and said finished!

iPad Brushes Tiger

Here is one last experimental piece using the Brushes App on my iPad before I actually try to do something cool with the program. I think I have finally found my “go to” brush through this process, which was the main reason for doing… Continue Reading “iPad Brushes Tiger”

iPad Brushes Take Two

This is my second attempt to do a picture on an I-Pad using the Brushes App. Just like the first one I did, I way overworked it, but my primary goal has been to get familiar with the program and see how the brushes… Continue Reading “iPad Brushes Take Two”

SketchBook Pro On An I-Pad

I had really, REALLY hoped the new I-Pad would have a little bit of screen sensitivity so it could function as a way cool digital art tablet… but of course it didn’t. Screen sensitivity would have shot the price through the roof and nobody… Continue Reading “SketchBook Pro On An I-Pad”

A Tutorial For Jeff

My buddy Jeff just got a Wacom Tablet and asked me for a few pointers on digital painting. Jeff was my youngest sons hockey coach when we lived in Texas, and fearing a vicious cross check from him if I didn’t comply, here is… Continue Reading “A Tutorial For Jeff”