iPad Brushes Vanishing Breed

It seems to me that after this last election, you just don’t see as many blue dogs on the street as you used to…

3 Comments on “iPad Brushes Vanishing Breed

  1. Dennis as I have understood, except ipad, you use for drawing also wacom cintiq.
    How to you this tool? Whether conveniently to draw? I want to get, but in Russia with it small complexities, the main trouble, sellers don’t know the goods.
    And advertizing articles… These are advertizing articles. In words all is beautiful, and here is how in a reality?
    At you велеколепная technics of drawing, your opinion for me is very important. Thanks! 🙂

    • Hello Esaulov.

      The Wacom Cintiq (in my opinion) is as good as the advertisers say it is. I love it.

      I was a watercolor painter for many years, but when publishers switched to digital printing several years ago, I had to follow them into the digital world or I would have eventually been out of business. I use Photoshop to create my pictures. At first I used a mouse to digitally paint with. That did not work very good. I switched to a Wacom Tablet. That worked better, but you have to look up at a monitor while the pen in your hand is out of sight on the tablet. That was a problem for me. I finally got the Wacom Cintiq. Now I draw on the monitor, on the picture. The lines and colors happen right underneath my pen. This is very close to traditional drawing and painting. In my opinion, this is the very best digital artist’s tool available.

      Thanks for your comment. It’s good to hear from someone halfway around the world!

  2. Thanks:)
    You know far outside of USA.
    Know, watch and admire:)))
    There is a thing uniting all… Ability to draw. It is the most international language. Therefore masters in drawing are respected worldwide, people which understand that such to be able to draw:)

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