2010 Video SketchBook

It’s 2011 and I’m just now getting my 2010 Video Sketchbook posted up onto the almighty YouTube. So much for the start getting things done in a prompt and timely manner New Year’s resolution. I wanted to use a Steven Delopoulos song for this so it became a restricted use video… (it cannot be played by a third party)… duh, that would be me… Mr. Third Party.

The only place you can actually watch this is over on the YouTube. Click here to go to YouTube…

6 Comments on “2010 Video SketchBook

  1. I love looking at your work it always makes me smiles
    and always without fail inspires me to improve my own skills, to draw , to sketch and explore….so awesome thank you!

  2. I still am alway amazed how you do this…are you
    scanning in your original sketch and then redrawing it in sketchbook pro on your I pad or whatever it is you use?

    • …I just scan the pages out of my sketchbook and have them sitting on my computer and iPad so if the urge to paint strikes me I have something ready to go…

  3. Always a cool watch.. There were some cool guys who did not get the color treatment, like the indian toward the end shooting, and the rather thin Cow from early on. Nice..

  4. men i love you work, lots of detail, movement, and flow on you drawings you are a real inspiration. thank for posting you work good job

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