A Tutorial For Jeff

My buddy Jeff just got a Wacom Tablet and asked me for a few pointers on digital painting. Jeff was my youngest sons hockey coach when we lived in Texas, and fearing a vicious cross check from him if I didn’t comply, here is a little tutorial…

…well, it’s not so much a tutorial as it is me rambling on and on, trying to string several words together in hopes they will somehow form complete sentences.

13 Comments on “A Tutorial For Jeff

  1. Fun stuff! You might consider doing a little follow up video about brushes. Hard edge vs soft edge and when to use which. And opacity… when to use less opacity and blend colors and when to be opaque. I think stuff like that would be helpful to a lot of folks.

    • …yep. I didn’t know exactly what to do with this because there are so many things you need to cover. I finally decided to just start with something and maybe I can hit some other things on down the road…

    • Yeah, and if you can find a way to save and email your favorite color palette(s) I would love to have one of those too.

      My mouse has to run all over the place mixing and getting colors while I’m shading and coloring.

  2. Afhhh! As any lover of fine wines knows when you find that special vineyard…you bookmark their blogs and websites and follow their every move!

    Hello Dennis! It’z me, your old Penguin, Steelers and yes even the Pirates fan/friend.

    You shoulda never told me about this place….that makes like at least Three places I can go and bug-ya!

    Just kidding but glad you did. This time I am really going to give it the old kindergarten try and actual do these tutorials (now that you’ve hired an interpreter that speaks IHaveKnowIdease).

    The Frog one is rally explained well and the fact that your willing to give away one free Cintiq per month to your subscribers…well thatz icing on the cake too!

    I only have one complaint though: Itz been over 6 weeks now and my “I Paint Like Dennis Jones” Button hasn’t come yet?

    Thanks for taking the time to break these down and share them with us.

    God Bless,

    • …always good to hear from you Bernard. We are currently trying to hash out some Brother Jones Web Site issues, update it or something, so in the meantime I’m here blogging on. I really like the functionality of these WordPress blogs. I seem to remember that’s what your blog was built on maybe? I guess I will have to cheer for the Pens this season because the Stars were out of it two months ago plus I have a Penguin practice jersey in my closet I can pull out in case they go deep into the playoffs. Just call me Mr. Bandwagon…

      • Dennis,
        Yes! My site is a wordpress site.

        WordPress is such a “Rock-Solid” format I could not imagine using anything else.

        Though facebook and twitter placed a small dent in the blogging world I still want to keep mine going. Haven’t updated it for quite awhile because I’m back, “freelancing” full-time again and just have been too busy.

        As for the Pens, we need your support (my son calls me a bandwagoneer too) they have really slumped off this year but I think that many teams these days don’t care as much about the regular season like they used too. Why else would so many sub par teams light it up and look so different in the playoffs.

        Sorry ’bout dem Coltz! Man I was rooting for them.

        Well, I got the site bookmarked and well be back…because I love colorful art from colorful people.

  3. Thanks Dennis!! That was really helpful. Yes I think setting up brushes would be an awesome tutorial as well I like his idea. This is cool. i wish I had bought a Wacom a long time ago.

  4. Do you use custom photoshop brushes or standard and if custom can you share them?

    • …the primary brushes I use are ones that I made. I’m not sure exactly how I could post them up to share. I will try to come up with some sort of brush tutorial dealie to post here…

      • If you are willing to share that would be awesome!

        They are located in the photoshop folder under Presets\Brushes. You could take the file(s) there and put them up somewhere. If you dont have a place to upload them would you be willing to email them to me?

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