iPad Brushes CapnAmerica

I’m still making pictures on my iPad. Here’s one I did the other night…

6 Comments on “iPad Brushes CapnAmerica

  1. Aghh! My daily dose of DJ has been hurting until today! Thanks Dennis…send us One-A-Day…finished or otherwise we need our fix!

    Take Care,

    • Hi Cedric. I use a stylus. I started with the Pogo Sketch (because that seemed to be the only thing available at the time), but now I use one call a brVsh (yes, thats a V in the middle) it has a much better feel to it…

  2. Cool. I haven’t heard of that one, I’ll have to check it out. I recently bought one with a soft rubber tip, which is much better than the foam tips which wear down and crumble over time.

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