iPad Brushes Portrait 1

So last night I was trying to watch the Texas Rangers win the American League Pennant against the Yankees because I helped build the Rangers Stadium with my tax dollars back when we lived in Arlington and I wanted to see how my investment was turning out… anyway, I’m not such a big baseball fan (not enough violent collisions or vicious cross checks) and I was having trouble sticking with the game, so I started flipping back and forth between the game and the Pirates Of The Caribbean movie on another channel, but that wasn’t working for me either, so I whipped out my iPAD and did this little picture to keep myself awake until the end of the game… and a RANGERS WIN!

…by the way, this fellow was the guest speaker at our church on Sunday…
















  1. Dennis, tudo bem?

    Sou muito fã do seu trabalho, parabéns!
    Tenho uma Bíblia para crianças ilustrada por você e acho as ilustrações fantásticas! Sua pintura e seu traço são incríveis!!!

    Que Deus continue te abençoando, meu amigo. Muita paz, saúde e sucesso.

    Abraço cordial,

    Emerson Fialho
    Recife – Pernambuco – Brasil.

    1. …good news, Tigress. I didn’t do this at church, I did it at home in front of the Rangers game on TV… but it is the guy that spoke to our church on Sunday… the way I remember him anyway…

  2. He looks like the guy who sold me and Peg our first used car. I watched 1 Lacross game and there was no fighting.. Too well behaved for me.

    1. Several years ago, our oldest son, Nick, played lacrosse for a team in Ft. Wayne and it made me really nervous… lots of swinging sticks… and it’s apparently ok to smack each other occasionally with them…

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