iPad Brushes Portrait 1

So last night I was trying to watch the Texas Rangers win the American League Pennant against the Yankees because I helped build the Rangers Stadium with my tax dollars back when we lived in Arlington and I wanted to see how my investment was turning out… anyway, I’m not such a big baseball fan (not enough violent collisions or vicious cross checks) and I was having trouble sticking with the game, so I started flipping back and forth between the game and the Pirates Of The Caribbean movie on another channel, but that wasn’t working for me either, so I whipped out my iPAD and did this little picture to keep myself awake until the end of the game… and a RANGERS WIN!

…by the way, this fellow was the guest speaker at our church on Sunday…

15 Comments on “iPad Brushes Portrait 1

  1. I love it Dennis!! I love to watch you doodle in church & just love to see your work period!!! You’re awesome!

  2. Dennis, tudo bem?

    Sou muito fã do seu trabalho, parabéns!
    Tenho uma Bíblia para crianças ilustrada por você e acho as ilustrações fantásticas! Sua pintura e seu traço são incríveis!!!

    Que Deus continue te abençoando, meu amigo. Muita paz, saúde e sucesso.

    Abraço cordial,

    Emerson Fialho
    Recife – Pernambuco – Brasil.

  3. Tisk, tisk, you shouldn’t be doing that in church.
    I hate electronics in church. People need to leave those at home.
    Much distractions.

    • …good news, Tigress. I didn’t do this at church, I did it at home in front of the Rangers game on TV… but it is the guy that spoke to our church on Sunday… the way I remember him anyway…

  4. He looks like the guy who sold me and Peg our first used car. I watched 1 Lacross game and there was no fighting.. Too well behaved for me.

    • Several years ago, our oldest son, Nick, played lacrosse for a team in Ft. Wayne and it made me really nervous… lots of swinging sticks… and it’s apparently ok to smack each other occasionally with them…

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