SketchBook Pro On An I-Pad

I had really, REALLY hoped the new I-Pad would have a little bit of screen sensitivity so it could function as a way cool digital art tablet… but of course it didn’t. Screen sensitivity would have shot the price through the roof and nobody (except a couple of goofy artists wanting a digital art tablet) would have needed it anyway.

I went ahead and got an I-Pad and have had a lot of fun experimenting with Sketchbook Pro on it. The video below gives an idea of how I work the painting program, and all these pictures were painted totally with SketchBook Pro (no touch-up later in Photoshop). These are all raw, straight out of the I-Pad things.

10 Comments on “SketchBook Pro On An I-Pad

  1. Hello Dennis,
    Either you’ve been gone a while or my auto-subscribe to your blogs isn’t working anymore?

    Wow! Just when I decided to give up on the i-Pad as a potential “Cintiq-On-The-Cheap” because of what I have been reading about it, you show up with this awesome video.

    Maybe it’s not good enough for the top-shelf commercial artwork that people like yourself do for commercial work but it sure looked awesome to me?

    My “Cintique” fund hasn’t even gotten off the ground yet but I like the idea of being able to sit anywhere and do some color-art sketches and this looks like it might be the ticket.

    Doesn’t the Cintiq require a computer to be tethered too?


    • …yep, the Cintiq has to have a computer attached to power it. I don’t want to sell the Sketchbook Pro on an I-Pad thing too strong here. You have to buy a $20.00 Pogo Sketch Pen which is basically a little metal stylus with a sponge on the end of it to effectively use Sketchbook Pro and using a blunt little sponge to draw with takes a bit of getting used to. It’s not exactly ideal, but it gives me the same sort of enjoyment I get from playing a game on the I-Pad…

  2. …Oh, one more question! Does the iPad provide that pen your using or does it come with the Sketch Pro (for I-Pad) software?


  3. I feel a “New Twist” to your exhaustive Sunday School notes. I Love my sketchpad… I have been using it every day.

  4. I’ve done a few sketches on my friend’s iPad. It’s a little quirky, but it would be fun to have. I’d love to see some videos of your pencilling process some time. I’ve read through the “new” toddlers Bible a couple times with my boys and we all love it!

  5. My friend got one and briefly taunted me with a taste of the program you speak of. I was instantly oblivious to the world around me once the device was secured into my palms.

    I hope to get one when the price drops, but thanks for sharing your views on it.

    LOVE your sketches! Amazing work.

  6. Hey Dennis,
    Once your finished with the coloring of your sketch on iPad in Sketchbook Pro do you delete the pencil sketch layer and “Merge” the top and bottom layers?

    Just getting ready to do my first one ever soon here so I thought I would ask.


    • …I always keep the sketch as a part of the whole thing. I just merge everything together. I have just always liked a little bit of the rough sketch showing through here and there…

  7. Hi Dennis,
    Love your drawings! We’ve actually used them at our church and would love to use them again for an upcoming series. Can you please contact me as soon as possible with directions on how to update permission? Thanks!!!

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