A Little Crabby


I spent a lot of time away from my studio this summer which is somewhat problematic when you make a living strapped down to a Wacom Cintiq. Fortunately, I was able to pick up a used 12 inch Cintiq at a good price so I could continue to do work while on the road. I was home alone the other night, turned the TV on to a football game, fired up my little Cintiq and this pint sized fellow materialized during the commercials.

4 Comments on “A Little Crabby

  1. Another awesome piece. I know it takes years of work but you make it look very easy. Is the background one you illustrated or is it a photo like a few you’ve done in the past…..example,
    (Defense man…. er Moose)?

    • Yep, that background is just an image I pulled off the internet. I was getting sleepy and needed to finish this little picture up quick!

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