Digital Painting With Procreate


Another quick picture (and video) I made on the iPad. I just discovered an option that lets you see the brush cursor as you paint in the ProCreate App… which doesn’t sound like a big deal, but for me was a game changer. Being able to see exactly what size your brush is on the picture is huge.

5 Comments on “Digital Painting With Procreate

  1. Blessing Dennis, your work is so awesome and alway looking for your emails to hit my laptop. Question, bought a Wacom stylist for my iPad and one thing I’m trying to get used to is how slick the stylist point moves on the glass. Like your old hockey skates on ice. You have the same issues?

    • …yep, there’s a pretty slick feel to it. Digital painting on an iPad is just a different kind of animal. What I sort of like about it is I cannot do the things I normally do on the Cintiq, so trying to do something on an iPad forces me out of my comfort zone, I work much looser and usually learn something new in the process.

  2. Hi Dennis, how to show cursor while painting, I can only see it when erasing. Thanks

    • Hi Dennis – great work! Just following up this thread – how do you get see the cursor when you paint on Procreate? Its the only thing I miss working on my iPad instead of a Cintiq.

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