Pirate Crabs… AAarrrgghhh


I was recently asked over on Facebook how I came up with ideas, so here is my process on a current project. The assignment; come up with five underwater scenes for a game. The first thing I do is start sketching rough little ideas that pop into my head related to the subject.


The pirate crab looking through a telescope grabs my attention, so I head off in that direction. What can I add to that to create a scene? What sort of underwater props can I use? Well duh, a cannon, of course… and there would need to be a whole band of these crazy pirate crabs… and they have to be pillaging and terrorizing somebody (in a friendly way, of course)… and magically, somehow, the underwater pirate crab scene unfolds beneath my pencil.


I lay a fresh piece of paper over my blue pencil sketch and using a light table, I create a cleaner pencil drawing to work from.


I scan the clean pencil drawing into Photoshop and away we go…

3 Comments on “Pirate Crabs… AAarrrgghhh

  1. Absolutely LOVE your style Dennis! Have been a HUGE fan since I bought your “See With Me Bible” for my daughter years ago. Keep up the great work and posts!

  2. What Michae said! But don’t you wish sometimes you didn’t have to trace so many times and that it could magically do it itself šŸ™‚

  3. Love seeing your creative process at work! So cool to see how the the sketches become a drawing become a painting. Thanks for this insight.

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