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Batmobile Concept Work

Here’s some of the concept work I did on the Cryptozoic “Pattinson” Batmobile collectable. When I was a kid, muscle cars were really popular. My older brother had a bunch of Hot Rod CARtoons Magazines (basically Mad Magazine for car enthusiasts) and when he… Continue Reading “Batmobile Concept Work”

Pattinson Batmobile

This was a fun project to work on. I got to see top secret photo’s of “THE BATMAN” (2022) movie car before the film released and then worked with Cryptozoic Entertainment to designed their new “Pattinson Batmobile” collectable… and it has finally made it… Continue Reading “Pattinson Batmobile”

Asleep At The Wheel

The bulldozer was dozing… again.

Muscle Cars

I’m not sure if anyone would classify a 1970 Mercury Montego as one of the old muscle cars… but if I’m going to do one for a job, it’s gonna end up looking like a muscle car of some sort.