Not Exactly The NHL

Every fall I ask myself the same question… “Do I really want to commit to another eight month ice hockey season?” …and every fall I give myself the same answer… “Well, maybe just one more year and then I’ll quit.” …so yesterday was the first game of my new hockey season.

I am hoping to accomplish something big this year. Score more goals? Nope. Tally up more assists? Nope. Spend less time in the penalty box? Nope. Get our team to officially change it’s name to the Toronto SaurusRex? Absolutely!


Monday Morning Hockey Report 02/18/03

I play in a mens ice hockey league on Sunday nights, and this is my official Monday Morning Report on last nights game. At some point in the second period something happened, (not sure what) and I found myself on my knees, spinning around in circles and holding half a hockey stick in my hand, but not to worry… with a little hockey tape that stick can be fixed up good as new.


The Michigan Missile

The ice hockey season I am currently playing in began last September. As we sat in the locker room before the very first game, the guy next to me said, “there’s only one thing I want out of this season.” I said, “what’s that, Jeff?” He said, a picture of a hockey thug in a number 10 jersey.” I laughed and said if he would be patient I could probably take care of that for him. It’s been six months, the team has gone from worst to first place, and here’s a picture for the Michigan Missile… not to be confused in any way with the Russian Rocket…