Dogged By Bad Weather

We here in Northeastern Indiana are currently going through the worst drought in ages. Get ready to pay through the nose for corn in the next few months.

6 Comments on “Dogged By Bad Weather

  1. That’s an expression I see on dog’s faces very often when I tell the owners we need to take their temperature. Oddly enough, here in Texas, on the heels of a record setting drought, we’re having one of the wettest Julys in history.

    • We used to have a lil rat terrier dog that kept the garden eating animals away from our house, but she died a few years ago. Now
      the rabbits and all their thug friends are eating our garden up. Any suggestions on a good varmint dog?

  2. We had the same problem for about a month, now, its raining every day. If I could send some up to you, I would. Hope it rains soon for you…:)

  3. Rabbits and Thug friends? “BUGSEY” AND HIS FRIEND ” ROCKY 2 TOES” the squirrel

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