Building A Better Hedge Knight: Part 4


My stop-motion hedge knight, Sir Duncan The Tall, is now pretty much complete. His head and mouth can move as well as his legs, arms and fingers.

He still needs a few props, so I build him a sword out of Sculpey and a shield out of balsa wood.


I also make him a massive pair of shoulder pads just in case the Kansas City Chiefs decide to take him with their first pick in this years NFL Draft.


Ok, this guy is pretty much ready to make his big screen, stop-motion film debut.


14 Comments on “Building A Better Hedge Knight: Part 4

  1. In picture #1, he looks like he needs a guitar. Bass maybe? Awesome work!

  2. That guy looks great! Now, we just need a short film with him in action!

  3. Thank you for sharing your process of building a stop motion character. Your Sir Duncan the tall is really awesome!

  4. Hello Dennis: My name is Pedro Contreras, I’m from Chile South America.

    First I want to congratulate you for your beautiful drawings and as with your imagination has led me to immerse myself in the world of fantasy, such as a child.  I commented that I acquired some time ago the Spanish version of the Bible “Read With Me Bible” and found it wonderful, my children have a great time with her, in fact, I was very clear about why the lions did not hurt to Daniel in the den, and why children loved Jesus.  Second, I want to ask if I can use your pictures to teach the Bible to children in my church, because I think that just looking at the pictures and stories are recorded immediately in the mind and imagination of children and adults.  Very grateful for what you do, I hope that God will continue to bless and never runs out inspiration that leads you to draw those beautiful characters. 

    Oh, I also love your blog. 

     A Hug The Distance, 

     Pedro Contreras Herrera,


    • Hi Pedro… yes, I would be honored for you to use my art to teach with. Thanks for the kind note.

  5. Dennis what were the measurements of your Hedge knight when you were done? He looks tall in the photos. He also looks pretty wide as well! He came out so awesome! I have done sculpture and have always wanted to try to make a stop motion character. I did buy a DVD for foam latex but I would need an oven for that so I will wait on trying my hands at that process. However, doing a character the way you did makes sense for me. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Dunk stands about 20 inches tall and he is about 10 inches wide… which is somewhat problematic for shooting stop-motion because he is so big a set would have to be pretty massive, too… however, I have done that foam latex thing and I much prefer this approach to building characters.

  6. Thanks so much Dennis for the info! I will try my character this way first. Your Hedge knight came out fabulous! I love reading your blogs they are so interesting and informative, so thank you for sharing I really appreciate it!

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