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Nailed It!

One summer during my college years, I helped my Uncle Roy frame walls onto the back porch of his lake house. My cousin Lynn and I got one massive wall done, but the studs were not on 18 inch centers (or something like that)… Continue Reading “Nailed It!”

The Man From Uncle

When I was a kid, my little brother Donald and I saved the world many a time pretending to be Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin from the old tv show THE MAN FROM UNCLE… so it was a trip down memory lane recently when… Continue Reading “The Man From Uncle”

A Good Pencil Sharpener

Hey, there’s nothing more interesting than some good pencil sharpener talk on a Friday afternoon, right? Over the years I have worn out half-a-gazillion electric pencil sharpeners. Recently I bought several new ones… well… what I should say is, I kept buying different brands and taking… Continue Reading “A Good Pencil Sharpener”


Every couple of years or so, a powerful compulsion consumes me and I am compelled to draw a comic book super hero and it always seems to be Wolverine the X Man sporting his fancy plastic yellow suit.

ModBook Pro Digital Tablet

Ok, I think this is probably what digital artists everywhere have been waiting for. Modbook has combined a MacBook Pro base system with a Wacom digitizer that delivers 512 levels of pen pressure sensitivity to create a truly portable digital tablet… the ModBook Pro. There is… Continue Reading “ModBook Pro Digital Tablet”

My Front Porch

The rockers that sit on my front porch have gone through about 13 harsh winters and the tiny bit of paint that was still trying to hang onto them would come off on your backside every time you sat down in one. I finally… Continue Reading “My Front Porch”

My New Facebook Page

I just created a new Facebook page, and I need 30 or so “LIKES” in order for all the back end components to kick in, so if you wouldn’t mind shooting over there and pressing the LIKE button, I would appreciate it. As I… Continue Reading “My New Facebook Page”

So Long, DJ-ART

Back in 2005, I coerced my nephew Keegan (with the help of a little cash) to build a custom website for me. Keegan was just starting to flash his monster design chops and I knew if I was ever going to be able to afford him… Continue Reading “So Long, DJ-ART”

Driving A Hard Bargain

Last week I was in a car dealership sending offers back and forth to the manager. He sent back a piece of paper and on it he had written, “I can do this deal if you throw in a caricature of the salesman you are working with”. I took… Continue Reading “Driving A Hard Bargain”

In My Spare Time Last Week

I go to The Point Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I was talking to my pastor on a Friday afternoon and he mentioned he wasn’t quite sold on the theme art for his new sermon series. There are a ton of items that have… Continue Reading “In My Spare Time Last Week”

It’s A Hoosier SuperBowl!

Friday at SuperBowl Village in downtown Indianapolis, we stumbled across the location ESPN was broadcasting from. Mike and Mike were on, so I called my oldest son (who listens to them every day) and told him we were there watching them live. He looked… Continue Reading “It’s A Hoosier SuperBowl!”

A New Direction With Prolifik

I’m trying something a little different with the guys from Prolifik, motion graphics. I hope you enjoy the little Christmas tune below.

Holsom Robot 2.0

My brother-in-law Craig produces a comic book called Welcome To Holsom which has a giant robot in it (and who doesn’t like a giant robot, right?)… anyway, I did a riff on it the other day. I added some rings to his shoulders just… Continue Reading “Holsom Robot 2.0”

Reading eBooks

I’ve been reading e-books lately on my iPad and iPod Touch. I like reading on the iPod Touch best because it’s small, I can carry it in my pocket, and I can fire it up on a moments notice. It’s great to travel with…… Continue Reading “Reading eBooks”

New Game In The Pipeline

I did the artwork for a new boxed game back in December and I don’t think I can legally say anything about it until it’s ready for release, but it looks like a pretty fun product…