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It’s Not Always the “Other Guy”

Sometimes the “other guy” is you. Last Thursday my computer started acting a little wonky and then it stuck its tongue out at me and quit. To make a long story short, my computer fried and that pretty much put me out of business… Continue Reading “It’s Not Always the “Other Guy””

A New Roma Classroom

I just spent a week in Braila, Romania and the good folks over at N-Ovation donated some of my wall art to be put up in the Sunday School classroom behind the Roma Church in Spiro Haret. I had never personally worked with this product… Continue Reading “A New Roma Classroom”

The Weaselopolis Juggernaut Tribune

A high school kid was looking through my sketchbook the other day, got to the last page of it, looked up at me and said, “man, there’s some pretty, uhm… weird stuff in there”, and I said, “yup, kinda scary isn’t it?” I cannot… Continue Reading “The Weaselopolis Juggernaut Tribune”