Unfortunately Wacom Finally Made My Dream Tablet

A few years ago when Apple came out with this newfangled device called an iPad, I acquired one just months after it was released. My hope was that it would work as a portable digital sketch pad, and it did… well, sorta… but with no pressure sensitivity on the screen and the somewhat clunky painting apps that were available at the time, I quickly lost interest in painting on an iPad.

I work everyday on a Wacom Cintiq which is a fabulous tool to make art on. I have been hoping for several years that Wacom would jump into the portable device market with some sort of portable Cintiq, and they finally did… and while I have not had a chance to demo the new Wacom Companion, it looks like everything I had hoped and dreamed for…


…unfortunately, then there is the price tag… $2500.00 …ouch. If the Companion was going to be my primary art making device I could easily justify the steep price tag, but for me, I already have a Cintiq, I’m just wanting something to make pictures on during the commercials of an NFL football game… so now I’m thinking iPad again…

Developers have been working overtime trying to come up with an art stylus for the iPad that has some sort of faux pressure sensitivity and I am seeing new ones hit the market every day. The latest one I’ve seen is the JaJa Hex3, and while I have not tried it personally, it looks pretty great in this video…

Additionally, developers have been hard at work improving their products and I have been especially impressed with the retooled ProCreate painting app.


All that to say, Wacom finally created the portable digital art pad I have always wanted. Unfortunately, with that steep price tag, I cant justify getting one just so I can occasionally grab it and make a nice picture. On the other hand, I use my iPad every day for everything… so my current plan is to upgrade my iPad (I still have the 1st generation dinosaur), get a fancy new pressure sensitive stylus, and give the iPad one more chance to be my portable digital art tablet.

An After Effects Experiment

I have a ton Adobe programs, but the only one I ever use is Photoshop (which is pretty ridiculous because these programs are awesome) but I don’t know how to run any of them. Over the last couple of weeks I have been trying to teach myself InDesign, Media Encoder and Premiere Pro. Tonight I was fiddling around with After Effects and came up with this little video. The program itself doesn’t seem to be very intuitive, but it will really do some neat tricks. All I was trying to do on this experimental video is see if I could insert some music into a clip… and I did it!

ModBook Pro Digital Tablet

Ok, I think this is probably what digital artists everywhere have been waiting for. Modbook has combined a MacBook Pro base system with a Wacom digitizer that delivers 512 levels of pen pressure sensitivity to create a truly portable digital tablet… the ModBook Pro. There is no price on this right now and I’m sure it will be expensive but at this point I would be willing to sell my firstborn son for one… (he’s in Seattle right now, I don’t think he’ll even notice).

My New Facebook Page

I just created a new Facebook page, and I need 30 or so “LIKES” in order for all the back end components to kick in, so if you wouldn’t mind shooting over there and pressing the LIKE button, I would appreciate it.

As I was loading the new Facebook page up, I was thinking… I finish out all my artwork on a Wacom Cintiq with Photoshop and send digital files to clients across the nation via the internet. Over the years I have blogged on Xanga, My Space, Blogger, WordPress, and the cutting edge (at the time) BrotherJones. I’ve listened to music on LastFm, PureVolume, Pandora, Slacker, Rdio, and Spotify. I use YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook, DeviantArt, Tumblr, ImageKind, Society6, Dropbox, PayPal, YouSendIt  and many other web services. I shop on Amazon and my purchases are delivered to my doorstep the very next day.

About 15 years ago I boldly told my oldest son as he was leaving for college, that the computer would NEVER replace my paint and paintbrush and that I really couldn’t see any reason why I would EVER need a computer or the internet for ANYTHING. Since that time I seem to have softened my bold stance on the subject just a bit.