Driving A Hard Bargain

Last week I was in a car dealership sending offers back and forth to the manager. He sent back a piece of paper and on it he had written, “I can do this deal if you throw in a caricature of the salesman you are working with”. I took the deal, and here’s the caricature.

4 Comments on “Driving A Hard Bargain

  1. i love the caricature Dennis… I bet the salesman got the better end of the deal. Maybe you should have done the caricature of the car since the salesman would still be there but the car would soon be a memory!
    My second year as a caricature artist at disney brought me a young gal one day who wanted me to do some pictures froma a photo of her family. Turns out they were singing in Tomorrowland terrace that night and the next day was Mothers Day and they wanted to give these to her. 4 girls,a mom and dad were in the picture and it wasn’t until i looked at it did I know that she was Laurie Boone and the people were the Pat Boone family…. yikes! I got a sweaty and told her that I would do them but to have her dad pick them up. theat noght here he came… strutting through the game room in his gold studded coat and white patent leathers. I was very new at this caricaturing stuff but he loved them ( God blinded his good sense) and we talked for an hour. I asked him to church the next day but the Assembly of God got him already. He still remembered me many years later as he had those pictures hanging in his family room in Beverly Hills. So a few years later he came back out to the Contemporary to open the Top of the World restaurant after remodeling. I wanted to speak to him but his manager forbid it and wouldn’t make an appt for me so one night when i was drawing i got my drawing pad, a pen and stayed in my artist smock and went up to the Top of the World through the kitchen. I made a deal with the waiters that if they would let me stand in the waiters area close to the stage so i could do a caricature of him singing, I would get him to sign it and make copies for all of them. They treated me like gold… turned up the lights a little for me and watches as i sketched him doing his performance. I later stood in the kitchen while they hustled him out that way to a private elevator and he saw me and came up ans signed the picture and talked to me while his manager stood back and stewed. the copies were made and everyone had a good time. Those caricatures can sure help us have some great adventures Dennis!

    • …good story. I did caricatures in the summers during my college years at Opryland in Nashville and Silver Dollar City in Missouri. Caricatures always seem like a really good idea up front when a person decides to get one, but it can get tense really fast at the end when people get a look at what you’ve done to them…

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