Ghouls Night Out

I usually go to the store this time of year and stock up on candy for the Trick-Or-Treaters, then turn off all the lights at my house on Halloween night, pretend I’m not home and then eat the leftover Halloween candy on Sunday afternoon while watching a football game. Just creepin’ it real.

4 Comments on “Ghouls Night Out

  1. So funny!
    Lights out! We do the same now that we live off the beaten path of trick-or-treaters.
    Do you have have a Halloween coloring page we can use for a party?
    I have a boring pumpkin coloring page, but the kids would love to color something more spooktacular!

  2. It’s gonna snow in KC for Halloween. I won’t even have to pretend I’m not home. No soccer mom worth her salt would ever allow her kids out in these conditions. And I bought a Costco bag of candy. I’ll still be eating that at Easter!

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