Tag: Character development

It’s Spidey… Man

I’ve been doing a lot of “behind the scenes” work that is confidential, but here’s some character development work for a tv commercial that’s close enough to production that I can show. I love the spider Clayt Ratlaff built from my sketches and to see… Continue Reading “It’s Spidey… Man”

Running With The Big Dogs

Concept work is always fun. This is a project I worked on a couple of years ago… a crazy little pack of finger dog puppets. In concept work my role is not to create finished color artwork, but to develop characters and then show them in front, side, three… Continue Reading “Running With The Big Dogs”

Little Red-Haired Girl

I was doing character development this afternoon and one of the things I drew was this little red-haired girl. It reminded me of the old Peanuts comic strip and Charlie Brown who, if memory serves me, was quite enamored with little red-haired girls.