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Bacon Hair

Several years ago a client told me they really liked the bacon hair I put on all my people…

Even More Kids For The Blog

The kids I draw have either been eating a lot of chocolate or hanging out at the coffee shop… one way or the other, heavily caffeinated.

More Kids For The Blog

As an illustrator, my job is to create illustrations that fit in and around type. Over the years, I’ve been given some pretty odd shapes to fill with a picture. I did these four kids a while back and apparently they are each supposed… Continue Reading “More Kids For The Blog”

This Blog Is Sadly Kidless

I just noticed that I have no pictures of kids on my blog. I’m going to quickly throw this image up and now I’m going to dig through my picture morgue for a bunch more…

Quick Render Pencil Girl

Another example of how I render a pencil sketch in Photoshop. I block colors in first underneath the sketch and then put the finishing touches in on a layer over the top of the drawing. This little video is worth watching just to hear… Continue Reading “Quick Render Pencil Girl”

It’s Not Always the “Other Guy”

Sometimes the “other guy” is you. Last Thursday my computer started acting a little wonky and then it stuck its tongue out at me and quit. To make a long story short, my computer fried and that pretty much put me out of business… Continue Reading “It’s Not Always the “Other Guy””

Impossibly Happy Children?

A while back, ImagineFX Magazine posted a little blurb about my web site and made a comment on the (quote) “impossibly happy children” I drew. Who knows where these people come up with their crazy ideas…