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Halloween Forecast

The weather forecast here for Halloween… rain and possible snow… which means no trick-or-treaters at my house… which also means I get to eat the Halloween candy all by myself… scoreboard!

Ghouls Night Out

I usually go to the store this time of year and stock up on candy for the Trick-Or-Treaters, then turn off all the lights at my house on Halloween night, pretend I’m not home and then eat the leftover Halloween candy on Sunday afternoon… Continue Reading “Ghouls Night Out”


It seems that summer is coming to a close and fall is just around the corner… I guess it’s time for Halloween pictures. I posted a few on my Behance portfolio site. You can see them by Clicking Here.

Another Look At The Book

Here’s another small glimpse of the book that I am currently illustrating. I tried something new on this one. On previous books I’ve always figured everything out on paper first. On this one, I did all the “figuring out” on the computer. I first created… Continue Reading “Another Look At The Book”