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Limited Availability

While the general public is not able (at this time) to get the new comic books, rumor has it there are copies floating about… but you kinda have to drive to Falls Creek, Oklahoma to acquire one.

Top Secret New Project!

I just met with a talented group of creatives in their Arkansas studios and I’m excited to announce that we’ve come up with a brand new comic book project! It’s top secret, but I’ve been given permission to share some of the notes from our… Continue Reading “Top Secret New Project!”

Fire Up The Press

Press sheets are running and sherpas are being examined. Todd and I are doing advanced publicity and within a month actual comic books should be in our hands!

The Few Comic

Almost to the finish line with the first three…

Two Down…

Two comics in the series are done. One left to complete before May deadlines…

Flying Monkeys?

Hey Dennis, does your new comic book have flying monkeys in it? No, but it does have flying motorcycles and laser beam stun bolts!

Comic Panel Process

My publisher has given me permission to share a few things from the comic book series I’m working on. I typically start with a really rough page layout and then create an equally rough sketch for each individual panel. I work my drawing out with a pencil… uhm… for those of you… Continue Reading “Comic Panel Process”

Summer 2017

Somewhere in a distant dystopian future, unsettling events are beginning to occur. Coming next summer, a new comic book series.

Guardians Of The Galaxy

I still have not seen Guardians Of The Galaxy, but it’s on my “to do” list… I have it written in right under “make varsity football team”…

Jonah… Man On The Run

About a month ago, I was asked to help out with the upcoming sermon series at my church. The next thing you know, I’m knee deep in creating a mini Jonah comic book… which you can have for free if you happen to find yourself in Fort Wayne, Indiana… Continue Reading “Jonah… Man On The Run”

Realistically Speaking

I’ve made a living for a lot of years drawing ridiculously goofy pictures, but every once in a while a project comes along where I’m asked to ratchet up the realism just a bit.