This Blog Is Sadly Kidless


I just noticed that I have no pictures of kids on my blog. I’m going to quickly throw this image up and now I’m going to dig through my picture morgue for a bunch more…

6 Comments on “This Blog Is Sadly Kidless

  1. Your kids are way too clean! All 3 of mine are grown and still have dirty shirts etc. lol

    • Ha! Jeff, in the August 2009 issue of ImagineFX Magazine they refer to my kids as being “impossibly happy children”… I guess that’s about right…

  2. You also don’t do much with women. I’m not looking for anything inappropriate but it would be fun to see you do something like your ideas on romance and dating that make it fun…or even the good side of a marriage relationship. People need to see the positive of these types of relationships from someone with your talent.

    • …yep, I keep thinking I need to flesh out a bunch of different subjects on this blog, but I never seem to get around to it.

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