Impossibly Happy Children?

A while back, ImagineFX Magazine posted a little blurb about my web site and made a comment on the (quote) “impossibly happy children” I drew. Who knows where these people come up with their crazy ideas…

6 Comments on “Impossibly Happy Children?

  1. I’m in line with those people with crazy ideas. I love your children illustrations. These depictions are exactly how childhood should be….happy. Thank you for your inspiration.

  2. dood——i thought that comment was a proclamation of unatainable/unimitatable BRILLIANCE!!!!!! you will go down as the —THE all time greatest! unless you stink it all up from here on. please brotha Jones…. DON”T STINK!!!!!

  3. oh—yeah— did i tell you i ripped off your Job composition? i did. it was the best ever/all time greatest/only way to draw Job in his worstest moment. thanx for putting it out there for me to rip off. sorry for doing so.

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