It’s Not Always the “Other Guy”

Sometimes the “other guy” is you. Last Thursday my computer started acting a little wonky and then it stuck its tongue out at me and quit. To make a long story short, my computer fried and that pretty much put me out of business since I create my artwork on the computer. My biggest problem was that I had several jobs I was in the process of working on that were now locked inside a dead hard drive. Fortunately I had made a wise decision in 2009 and backed my computer up with Carbonite. I ran up to Best Buy and grabbed the biggest iMac they had sitting on the floor, came home, plugged it in, loaded Carbonite onto it and downloaded the files I needed to complete my jobs. I can’t recommend Carbonite highly enough. It’s almost idiot proof  ’cause I was able to make it work and I ain’t exactly a rocket surgeon… I mean a brain scientist… whatever…

12 Comments on “It’s Not Always the “Other Guy”

    • yup… about a year and a half old. I produced an incredible amount of work on it, volumes, but you wouldn’t think it would give up the ghost so quick. That always happens to the other guy. I’m going to try to put another hard drive in it and have it as my backup ‘mergency computer.

  1. Glad to hear that we won’t have to go without our Dennis Jones fix. In the last Mac Tower I bought in ’09, I reserved a special place for a 1TB Hitachi drive and designated that “Time Machineville”. I’d resisted taking advantage of that free gem thinking that my every-other-month backups would suffice. It’s saved my aging hide at least three times since it’s inception.

    • …I liked the idea that Carbonite was storing my stuff somewhere other than my house ’cause weird stuff happens at my house sometimes… worked pretty good this time!

  2. I dont know about “IDIOT PROOF” as they have not met me. I aint no rocket surgeon neither.

    • Hey Jeff. I’m playing in an adult ice hockey league and after 10 games I’m on the scoresheet with one roughing penalty and one goal… and the goal is a bookkeeping mistake because I haven’t put the puck in the net yet… impressed?

  3. Get a PC. They never die.

    {yes, incredible amounts of sarcasm embedded there, little IT humor}

    Ive always been “iffy” about using outsourced data backup services, the whole paranoia thing. But in my procrastination i’ve yet to materialize my own personal backup schema at home using my own hardware. But i’m pretty sure if i was as productive as you, I’d own TWO computers, ha!

    thanks for the email reply btw.

    • …actually, I had to dig out a 12 year old PC to run an old scanner on until I figure out how to get my newer scanner hooked up n running on the new Mac… I have kind of a witches brew of technologies bubbling right now…

  4. Hello Dennis, can’t find your email or contact page here lately so I’m using this to contact you for an artwork request?

    Can you email me asap and I’ll be out of your hair!



  5. Wow! If Dennis Jones can make his living on an iMac then why am
    I saving my pennies for a new Mac Pro-Quad Core? I don’t do anything quite what he does.

    Oh, wait-a-minute….itz not the computer itz the box it comes in that makes the difference right?

    Peace everyone!

    • …I used to work on a Mac G-5 Cheese Grater, but due to a strange turn of events a few years back I bought a new iMac to work on, and then another iMac after the first one crashed. I don’t think running Photoshop is all that taxing on a processor, so the iMac has plenty of umph for that… for me anyway…

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