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Hockey Championship Game

My ice hockey team (The Bluezerz) fought its way through the playoffs and wound up in the championship game last night. It was a tightly contested affair, the game got a bit chippy (things were said to me that I hardly ever hear in church) and one of our… Continue Reading “Hockey Championship Game”

My Fancy New Drawing Boots

I was kinda thinking I was out of the hockey playing business… and then my youngest son bought me two fabulous ultra-light composite hockey sticks for Christmas, so I really had no choice other than to sign up and play another season… …and how did my brand new… Continue Reading “My Fancy New Drawing Boots”

Coming Full Circle

I started my journey into adulthood wearing a powder blue tuxedo (pretty much the same one Harry wears in the movie Dumb And Dumber) and now I’ve come full circle. The team I currently play hockey for has a jersey that exact same color…… Continue Reading “Coming Full Circle”

Death And Taxes

Benjamin Franklin said that in this world there is nothing certain except death and taxes, but I would add one more thing to that… death, taxes AND the palms of your hockey gloves rotting out. It will always happen and when it does there’s not a lot you can do except… Continue Reading “Death And Taxes”

Unwittingly A Champion

My hockey season was drawing to a close. Two weeks ago, our game was delayed because someone skated over a goalies wrist in the game before ours. The paramedics got him stabilized and carted off (sobering) they got the ice cleaned up (also sobering) and we finally played our… Continue Reading “Unwittingly A Champion”

Winter Is Coming

What’s new for Hoosier Winter 2015, you ask? …SNOW FENCE!! Of course, I know absolutely nothing about snow fence or how it’s supposed to work, but that didn’t stop me from buying about a mile of it back in November. I quickly put it up and within… Continue Reading “Winter Is Coming”

Not Exactly The NHL

Every fall I ask myself the same question… “Do I really want to commit to another eight month ice hockey season?” …and every fall I give myself the same answer… “Well, maybe just one more year and then I’ll quit.” …so yesterday was the… Continue Reading “Not Exactly The NHL”

Non-Contact Hockey League

…that’s right, I play in a non-contact hockey league. Why do you ask?

Hockey DefenseMan… er… Moose

Last season, I was a teammate of a Detroit Redwing loving, hockey playing, defense moose. …no, seriously, I really was …honest.

Monday Morning Hockey Report 02/18/03

I play in a mens ice hockey league on Sunday nights, and this is my official Monday Morning Report on last nights game. At some point in the second period something happened, (not sure what) and I found myself on my knees, spinning around… Continue Reading “Monday Morning Hockey Report 02/18/03”

You Reap What You Sow

I go to church on Sunday mornings and play in an ice hockey league on Sunday nights. Yesterday morning we had a very good sermon on the Biblical principal that you will reap what you sow. I came home, slept through most of the football game on TV… Continue Reading “You Reap What You Sow”

In The Box… Again

My ice hockey season came to an end last night with me sitting in the penalty box with a four minute high sticking call and a huge knot on my arm from a slap shot I decided to knock down… hopefully I will remember… Continue Reading “In The Box… Again”

The Michigan Missile

The ice hockey season I am currently playing in began last September. As we sat in the locker room before the very first game, the guy next to me said, “there’s only one thing I want out of this season.” I said, “what’s that,… Continue Reading “The Michigan Missile”

Leper Hockey Game

In the leper hockey game last night, the referees had to call a time out because there was a face-off in the corner…

Last Nights Hockey Game

In last nights hockey game I was chasing down the puck and lightly brushed up against a nice fellow from the other team in the process. He went sprawling to the ice, I got a penalty. Now I don’t claim to be a hockey… Continue Reading “Last Nights Hockey Game”