My Fancy New Drawing Boots


I was kinda thinking I was out of the hockey playing business… and then my youngest son bought me two fabulous ultra-light composite hockey sticks for Christmas, so I really had no choice other than to sign up and play another season…

…and how did my brand new season of Wednesday Night Ice Hockey go last week? Thanks for asking …not so good.

I put my skates on in the locker room, walked to the bench, hopped over the boards and onto the ice, wobbled uncontrollably to the center of the rink and fell down. I was so embarrassed. And I continued to be embarrassed for the rest of the night. I could not skate worth beans. I seemed to remember being fairly good at some of this hockey stuff, but now for some reason I couldn’t do anything…

…and then I remembered why in the back of my mind I was thinking I was out of the hockey business. I popped the rivets loose on my skates last summer during a game (which basically means the blades are no longer firmly attached to the boots) which pretty much renders your skates useless.  

So bright and early Thursday morning I hopped out of bed and onto the internet, bought a pair of closeout skates and they arrived Tuesday afternoon, just in time for Wednesday night hockey. The only problem with brand new skates? They are hard as a rock until they get broken in… so today I’m wearing fancy “drawing” boots in my studio in a futile attempt to soften these puppies up before tonight…

…and if I STILL can’t play hockey worth beans even with a brand new pair of skates? A few of you might say that maybe it’s time I give up hockey …but I say it’s just time for me to come up with new and better excuses for my poor play.

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