Hockey DefenseMan… er… Moose


Last season, I was a teammate of a Detroit Redwing loving, hockey playing, defense moose. …no, seriously, I really was …honest.

5 Comments on “Hockey DefenseMan… er… Moose

  1. Hey, Dennis,
    I was just referred your way from Gary Locke’s blog!
    What did I find? Not only AMAZING illustrations, but a fellow HOCKEY FAN!

    Just wanted to introduce myself and send a little admiration your way!
    Great work, man! (Love the moose – reminds me of Manitoba)

    • Hi Bret.

      Yes, I am the hockey player you always look forward to playing against… big, slow and have no appreciable hockey skills to speak of…

      Do the Moose still exist in Manitoba? I think I saw them play in Kansas City years and years ago but have kinda lost track of them.

      • Yeah, I think they folded when the IHL went under (but, man, did they have a cool logo). I had a friend who used to play for the Orlando Solar Bears IHL team and I was excited for the hookup when I first moved down here in ’04. Unfortunately that was the year that whole league folded…sigh. 😉

        I’m a men’s league goalie, so I feel ya’ on the getting slow aspect. (try doing the splits 10 years past your prime…yikes)

        Really love the process videos! Those made my day!

        I do a lot of merchandise / tshirt art, so I’ve unfortunately been trained out of using my sketches for that nice texture, linework, and value combination in the final art. Everything has to be on individual layers in case they want to move an arm ever-so-slightly. So, it was REALLY cool getting to see how you were able to use your drawing as a sort of “underpainting” for the finished work.

  2. I’ve enjoyed seeing your take on the kiddos lately but your animal characters have so much personality & life…. oh. who am I fooling, I like everything you draw, just do what you feel like doing!

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