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Our Hockey Jerseys

You probably have to be Canadian to understand this, but take a look at our teams hockey jerseys…


I played hockey this weekend. On display were all my typical bad passes, weak shots and accidental crashes into other players and there’s absolutely no doubt about it… I am ALREADY in mid season form! Afterwards in the locker room I noticed my skates were unlaced in… Continue Reading “Chopped!”

The 2011-12 Hockey Season

Last year when my buddy Jeff asked me if I would play on his hockey team, I used my best Canadian accent and said, “yehsure, eh” and started digging around the garage looking for equipment I could use. I found a rusted out CCM helmet that… Continue Reading “The 2011-12 Hockey Season”

Weekend Pickup Hockey

Our youngest son Pete flew home for the weekend and somehow we ended up in a pickup hockey game in Fort Wayne on Saturday night. There was a point in time when both my sons and I played on the same forward line for… Continue Reading “Weekend Pickup Hockey”

My Hockey Season Is Over

My hockey season ended last night with me sitting in the penalty box where I felt much shame. I took that two minutes of solitude to do some much needed soul searching and life contemplation. Then I got out of the box and forgot it all… …but… Continue Reading “My Hockey Season Is Over”

Monday Morning Hockey Report

In last nights hockey game one of the referees got caught in a melee, his hand was sliced open on a skate and he left a trail of blood up and down the ice before he finally had to leave and get it bandaged up. One… Continue Reading “Monday Morning Hockey Report”