Not Exactly The NHL


Every fall I ask myself the same question… “Do I really want to commit to another eight month ice hockey season?” …and every fall I give myself the same answer… “Well, maybe just one more year and then I’ll quit.” …so yesterday was the first game of my new hockey season.

I am hoping to accomplish something big this year. Score more goals? Nope. Tally up more assists? Nope. Spend less time in the penalty box? Nope. Get our team to officially change it’s name to the Toronto SaurusRex? Absolutely!

One Comment on “Not Exactly The NHL

  1. Hello, this is oh so random but I was just googling Skyrim art (because I’m bored and can’t sleep) and your pictures came up of your anime type drawings along side Skyrim characters and I was just wondering if you did those yourself and if you could make my character into something like that? I’ve been trying to find someone for ages haha. Sorry for the randomness! Rac :’)

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