You Reap What You Sow


I go to church on Sunday mornings and play in an ice hockey league on Sunday nights. Yesterday morning we had a very good sermon on the Biblical principal that you will reap what you sow. I came home, slept through most of the football game on TV and then headed off to my hockey game.

It was a typical game for me chocked full of bad decisions, poor passing and blown shots. I was playing defense so I was not exactly the other teams favorite guy. One young man tried his best to get me to fight, (I laughed out loud), I got hacked with sticks, was constantly sprawled on the ice in a tangle of players and one nice fellow cross checked me in the back into the boards extremely hard (I’m pretty sure my feet were over my head at some point in that one).

I did land in the penalty box one time for tapping a gentleman lightly with my stick, but I’m sure that was all just some sort of terrible misunderstanding.

When I got home my wife asked me how the hockey game went. I went over the game highlights with her (we won 8 to 3) and then she asked me if I had reaped what I had sown during the hockey game.

I’m pretty sure I did…

4 Comments on “You Reap What You Sow

  1. Never played hockey… not much opportunity down here in Austin, TX. But your description of the game sounded a lot my past experiences in church league basketball!!

    • Ha. When I was 16 the churches in our small town decided to put together church league FOOTBALL. I was on crutches the first week it started (motorcycle accident) but was SO excited to recover and play in this league. It disbanded after two weeks. Seems the cursing, fighting and general bad feelings it created was not exactly the warm fellowship they had envisioned for this grand endeavor…

  2. So unlike you to end up in the sin-bin for trying to help another player check his pads out.

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