How To Draw A Camel


OK boys and girls, grab some crayons and a piece of paper and I’ll show you how to draw a crazy looking camel! This is an experimental, “what if we did this” video I created for a client.

3 Comments on “How To Draw A Camel

  1. Hmm couldn’t reply on youtube, so I’ll say it here…

    You rock!!! I’ve been waiting for you to do a tutorial like this (with a hope there will be more), so thanks for this Dennis!

    A few questions…

    Is there any secret to how you come up with the first shape of the camel’s head? ie do you compare a camel’s head shape to that of another object ( ie a pear ) and then sketch many rough shapes to get the final shape (before you trace it like in this tutorial) or are you skilled enough to just come up with the shape first try? Because I’d love to see how you sketch before this tracing stage too and how you come up with your shapes and how to proportionally lay them out. ( Feel free to tell me to rack off if I’m stepping on your toes 😀 )

    Also how are you doing the rein circles so fast?

    And how did you do the shading on the neck without going out of the lines (because it seemed your cursor went outside the lines as you shaded)?

    Sorry for the million questions, just genuinely interested.

    • As far as the head shape goes, if you have ever done a “how to draw Micky Mouse” lesson you know that the first thing you do is draw a circle for the eyes and then connect another circle to the first circle to put the nose on… that is basically what is going on here except the nose on my camel is much longer. I created the video using iShowU software and filming inside of Photoshop. That’s the best explanation I can do quickly, my friend.

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