2nd Annual Walk Into My Future Day


I woke up on Wednesday… deja vu… and found myself once again standing in front of small groups of children showing them how they, too… can draw goofy pictures… just like me. It was the second annual Walk Into My Future Day at Huntington University. Here are a few of my exceptionally talented art students and some of the amazing pictures they created!


4 Comments on “2nd Annual Walk Into My Future Day

  1. Dennis,

    I have been thinking about working with my YMCA down the street with a similar drawing day. Did you charge the university or was it out of the goodness of your heart.


  2. That’s so cool!! I hope that you really enjoyed sharing time drawing with those kids. Kids love cartoons so I’m sure that they were delighted to have someone teaching them. Besides, your style of drawing surely was a HIT among them 😀 Great job!

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