iPad Brushes Gator

What I am discovering as I do these pictures on an iPad with a blunt little Pogo stylus, is that I have to work much looser than I usually do… and that’s probably not such a bad thing for me to do on a regular basis…

iPad Brushes Batman

I liked the way this one looked at this point, so I just stopped and said finished!

iPad Brushes Tiger

Here is one last experimental piece using the Brushes App on my iPad before I actually try to do something cool with the program. I think I have finally found my “go to” brush through this process, which was the main reason for doing these first pictures.

iPad Brushes Take Two

This is my second attempt to do a picture on an I-Pad using the Brushes App. Just like the first one I did, I way overworked it, but my primary goal has been to get familiar with the program and see how the brushes in this app react with no screen pressure sensitivity, so I go way past any reasonable stopping point in order to keep experimenting.

Old Number One

This was my very first attempt at making a Sock Creature.

Green Flying Monkey

Last Sunday the early football games on tv were kinda lame, so I grabbed a needle and thread and whipped out a new flying sock monkey…

iPad Brushes App

Over the past couple of months I have experimented with several different iPad painting apps… SketchBook Pro, Colors!, and Art Studio to name a few. By far my favorite is Brushes. Until Wacom comes out with a self contained Cintiq the size of an iPad (I won’t hold my breathe) this will probably be my painting App of choice.



Moon Dog



SketchBook Pro On An I-Pad

I had really, REALLY hoped the new I-Pad would have a little bit of screen sensitivity so it could function as a way cool digital art tablet… but of course it didn’t. Screen sensitivity would have shot the price through the roof and nobody (except a couple of goofy artists wanting a digital art tablet) would have needed it anyway.

I went ahead and got an I-Pad and have had a lot of fun experimenting with Sketchbook Pro on it. The video below gives an idea of how I work the painting program, and all these pictures were painted totally with SketchBook Pro (no touch-up later in Photoshop). These are all raw, straight out of the I-Pad things.

A New Roma Classroom

I just spent a week in Braila, Romania and the good folks over at N-Ovation donated some of my wall art to be put up in the Sunday School classroom behind the Roma Church in Spiro Haret. I had never personally worked with this product before, but now that I have I can wholeheartedly vouch for it. These are vinyl wall coverings with an adhesive back. I’m guessing they are probably meant to adhere to a smoother surface, but the walls I put them on were rough as a cob and in spite of that, the “Walleeze” stuck to them like a trooper.

What a great product!

Alpha And Omega

The beginning and the end. Here’s the starting point and the ending point on a typical illustration for me…