My Gideon Comic

Several years ago, my goal in life was to do Bible stories in comic book form. I hoped for someone to magically show up and write them for me, but that never seemed to happened… so I decided to do it myself. I made several attempts and this story of Gideon is one of them.  After two pages I looked at it critically, decided that perhaps it was headed in the wrong direction and it died a horrible death in a folder on my computer… only to be resurrected today in all its glory on this fabulous blog post…

7 Comments on “My Gideon Comic

  1. AWESOME! YES.. DO the comic book Bible it looks GNARLY! God Bless in JESUS Mighty NAME Amen.

  2. Was this done in your Guache days? If so, it is amazing. If not, it is still amazing. I also agree you should do it.

    • …this was done right in my transitional, paint to digital stage when I was trying to figure the whole thing out. The characters are all painted with gouache, pages assembled in Photoshop and photos inserted in the backgrounds… kind of a hybrid sort of deal… trying to find shortcuts in the whole comic panel process deal…

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