The Gospel Of Luke

Here is yet another attempt I made at doing a Bible Comic back in my gouache days. This time I decided to include every jot and tittle of the Biblical text. After a chapter and a half I was toast… and so was my latest endeavor at accomplishing this idea.

5 Comments on “The Gospel Of Luke

  1. AWESOME! How long does it take to complete one page? Also do you ever get drawers block? Thanks, God Bless in JESUS Mighty NAME an ALL here. Amen.Shalom

  2. I am absolutely in awe! I love your work Dennis! I found your “See With Me Bible” 5+ years ago, and had to get it for my daughter. (Admittedly for myself as well, I thoroughly enjoyed looking at your marvelous artwork while explaining the stories to her!)

  3. This is fabulous. I teach Religion in secondary school and am always looking for new ways for the students to view the Gospel. I wondered about the possibility of getting a copy of this so that i am able to share it with the students in class.

    • Hi Leonie… This was a project I was doing in my spare time. I would love for you to have a copy to use, but unfortunately, there is no publisher for this so there are no physical copies to send… as of now, this only exists on the internet.

  4. Hello Dennis!
    This is an awesome project. Are there other chapters available?

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