My Omnibus Book Proposal

I just ran across this old piece of art tucked away in a folder on my computer. It was the cover to a book proposal I pitched to a big publisher about six years ago. Manga (art plus pictures, basically a comic book) was just starting to become popular in the states. I decided that I wanted to do the entire Bible in this fashion or some portion of it. The publisher liked the idea, but decided it was just too big to be feasible. I believe they were probably right on that, because if they would have agreed to my book proposal I would probably still be trying to get Genesis done today, six years later.

One Comment on “My Omnibus Book Proposal

  1. Hi Jones 🙂 seems like there might be more than one person thinking about that exact same thing. I’ve also thought about doing the whole bible verse by verse, and realized how big a project it would be. It might have to be done by more than one person in a production pipeline for something like this to be finished sooner. I figured out it may take me 30 years (to be optimistic) to finish the whole bible. Hope God will show me a way to get a team together to finish it sooner. Don’t give up on the omnibus book project yet (it’s always good to dream)
    btw, I’m a great fan of your work. Have three of your books that I carry with everywhere – the children’s bibles and the ones on angels. I’m 33 but still young at heart. God Bless You!

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