New Stuff In My ImageKind Shop

A Children’s Minister contacted me this week, said he had some 16X20 frames and wanted to put my artwork in them for the children’s area of his church. I loaded 14 images up for him to chose from… so… uhm… I guess what I’m saying is there are 14 new things in my ImageKind Shop. If there is anything of mine you want, I can probably load it up for you, too. (Does this sound like a desperate man at tax time?)

Click here to go to my ImageKind Shop.

One Comment on “New Stuff In My ImageKind Shop

  1. I don’t want to reply on every post- but YOU ARE AMAZING AND I’ve been wanting to use your work to decorate our ghetto, sad, empty, bare wall, unloved children’s sanctuary!!!!!!! AND HERE YOU ARE OFFERING- I am so excited! Will need to get my budget approved, but will definitely be making some orders!
    – Joanne

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