Category: Digital Painting

Unfortunately Wacom Finally Made My Dream Tablet

A few years ago when Apple came out with this newfangled device called an iPad, I acquired one just months after it was released. My hope was that it would work as a portable digital sketch pad, and it did… well, sorta… but with… Continue Reading “Unfortunately Wacom Finally Made My Dream Tablet”

Creature Feature

I had a few spare minutes to play last night, so I threw a little color onto a scribble from my sketchbook.

Heavy Texture

I’m scheduled to play bass at church this Sunday, so last night I thought it might be a good idea if I practiced a little bit. Our special music is a Coldplay song… I might have to ask the drummer to wake me up… Continue Reading “Heavy Texture”

The Hobbit

I am currently waiting for a scheduled client call to take place and rather than get all involved in a different job and then have to quit midstream in that to take the call, I doodled this little picture out instead… and no, this… Continue Reading “The Hobbit”

Breaking Bad

…so I show up at church last Sunday and our preacher is launching a brand new nine week sermon series from the book of Romans and he is using the tv show Breaking Bad as his theme. The stage has those iconic Breaking Bad… Continue Reading “Breaking Bad”

Doctor Luke

Another process video of something I did recently. Basically just blocking in color underneath the drawing and then putting finishing touches in on top of it.

Crowd Control

Color can be a tricky thing to work with. Lots of out of control color can confuse what you are trying to achieve in an illustration.  This is a simple technique to keep order when you have a lot going on in a picture. Render the… Continue Reading “Crowd Control”

Senior Teutul

It’s Saturday morning… here’s a little warm up sketch I did…