Young Frankenstein… er… Buggenstein


Some characters for the bug board game I am currently working on. This group pay homage to the old Frankenstein movies. First off we have the good doctor…

Next we have the monster…


The bride with the crazy hair…


And of course, everybody’s favorite… Igor…


5 Comments on “Young Frankenstein… er… Buggenstein

  1. God has truly blessed you with amazing talent! Do you typically create your sketches on paper first then paint them in Photoshop? I’m looking into getting into digital illustration but am finding that getting away from paper is difficult for me. Again, nice work!

    • Hi Kay. While I color all my work with Photoshop on a Cintiq and love it, I never cared much for doing the initial drawing work on a computer. I still like the feel of a pencil and paper so I just scan my pencil/paper drawings into the computer and color those.

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