Embellishing Sermon Notes

How do I spend a typical Sunday afternoon in the fall? I take a picture of my Sunday Morning Sermon Notes with the camera on my Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16, pull that picture into Photoshop CC, plop down in a recliner with the tablet on my lap, lean back, get my feet up, turn on a football game and then I contemplate, ponder and meditate on my sermon notes… mainly during the commercials.

7 Comments on “Embellishing Sermon Notes

  1. i just got a tablet. i usually vdo most of my sketching on paper, but i would like t o try steping up and using the laptop. could you tell me a good drawing program. i know good things cost money but if there is on for free down load or a5t least less than $100. i’d really like to hear any recomendations you could give.

  2. Absolutely incredible. Also, I always felt a little guilty drawing cartoons in church. Now I can say Mr. Jones made me do it.

  3. Just have to tell you…ypu are the best! I save every post. They make my heart so happy. Thank you, thank you!

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