Krita Is Kinda Awesome


The other night I was wandering aimlessly through internetland and stumbled across something called KRITA. On a whim, I downloaded it to the Surface Pro 4 tablet I was using and began experimenting with it. I was shocked with the results.

First of all, let me say I know next to nothing about KRITA… except that it’s awesome and it’s FREE! It is a digital painting program that looks, feels and functions like Photoshop… and did I mention it was absolutely free?!

I loaded up one of my little sermon note sketches and began testing the brush engine. It responded like a trooper. This is NOT just another simple little drawing app, this is a full blown digital painting program. If you know your way around Photoshop it’s pretty easy to pick up. If not, there would probably be a bit of a learning curve to it, but well worth the effort.


It worked great on a PC and it probably would work fine on a MAC (like I said, I know next to nothing about it) so if you’re looking for a good digital painting program (or a substitute for Photoshop because you can’t afford it) you might want to give this a test drive. What have you got to lose… IT’S FREE!

4 Comments on “Krita Is Kinda Awesome

  1. Is that the new version of Photoshop? Or is it a different software application.

  2. Wow!!!! Dennis, this is an amazing app! Thanks for sharing. I’ve been using the free version of Sketchbook Pro, but for sketching and illustrating, Krita has the smooth, natural feel of real art and some ridiculously powerful tools.

    Also, congrats on such a wonderful style. I’m so impressed with how simple, yet effective your art skills. I saw your work years ago and have never forgot it.

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