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Another Sketch On The Go

We flew to Kansas City over Easter and that means I was drawing on the Surface Pro 4 again to kill travel time.

Surface Pro 4 Pen

I just spent a great week with my Oklahoma kids helping them move into a fabulous new house. I flew out last Thursday (which was my birthday) and I killed time on the flight once again with my Surface Pro 4 tablet. This happy little redheaded birthday cat magically… Continue Reading “Surface Pro 4 Pen”


We flew out to see our Denver kids last weekend. I fired up my Surface Pro 4 on the plane and painted a picture of the stewardess. JUST KIDDING… that was a JOKE… really… well, kinda… anyway…  that tablet is a really legitimate option for digital painting on the… Continue Reading “RATS!”

My Surface Pro 4 Review

Several years ago I did a job for Mission Hockey and as part of the payment process I received a bunch of their latest hockey gear. For some reason my wife is not fond of this sort of compensation package (she seems to be a big fan of hard… Continue Reading “My Surface Pro 4 Review”