We flew out to see our Denver kids last weekend. I fired up my Surface Pro 4 on the plane and painted a picture of the stewardess. JUST KIDDING… that was a JOKE… really… well, kinda… anyway…  that tablet is a really legitimate option for digital painting on the go.


6 Comments on “RATS!

  1. Ka-Pow! “Have Technology Will Travel” I love it…your a perspiration to all of us!

  2. “Put down those trays!” -Rat Stewardess probably.
    You have just about convinced me to get a tablet for drawing on the go! Question: Does your hand interfere with the artwork when it touches the screen? Thanks and Love your work!!

    • Does your hand interfere when it touches the screen? No, it does not. You can rest your palm on the screen as you draw. It’s a pretty slick little drawing device!

  3. “Kinda”? 😀 Was your stewardess that bad? Love the rat, anyhow.

  4. There has got to be some way of monetizing the seat next to you…LOL. An inflight artist’s workshop. I hate to fly…but that would make the time go bye so fast.

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