Surface Pro 4 Pen


I just spent a great week with my Oklahoma kids helping them move into a fabulous new house. I flew out last Thursday (which was my birthday) and I killed time on the flight once again with my Surface Pro 4 tablet. This happy little redheaded birthday cat magically appeared beneath my Surface Pro Pen on the plane.


I’ve had some questions about how well the pen that comes with the tablet works. Everyone has their own unique process for creating digital artwork (so there’s not really an absolute answer that can be made) but I’ve found the pen works great for the way I personally create pictures. It comes out of the box with the HB nib (which I found perfectly acceptable) but in Denver I picked up the four pen nib set ($10.00 – cheap) and switched to the 2H nib because I have grown accustom to the slick feel of working on a Wacom Cintiq. If you prefer the “drag” of a real pencil, you can step all the way down to a B pencil lead feel. I’m very happy with this product.

4 Comments on “Surface Pro 4 Pen

  1. …would you still buy the Surface Pro 4 tablet as a mobile device OVER say buying the all-in-one mobile Cintiq that Wacom offers (I know you already have the heavy Cintiq desktop)? I’m only a few weeks away from placing an order but not quite sold on the mobile Cintiq yet>

    This is all good to know Dennis…so kool of you to post and share your tech I don’t take it lightly as I’m a self-taught penciler that loves to know how they big dogs do it!


    • …good question, Bernard. I’ve never had a chance to try out a Wacom Companion. I would guess… GUESS… that if you are used to using the Wacom Cintiq interface, money is no object and you are primarily concerned with making art, a Companion would be the way to go… but if you compare apples to apples as far as processor speeds and other internals, you get a lot more bang for your buck with the Surface… plus the Surface is a pretty great gaming computer (which is a value add too me).

      • Thanks! Again I jus love being able to ask and receive advice! (especially from one of my art heroes )

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