Pattinson Batmobile

This was a fun project to work on. I got to see top secret photo’s of “THE BATMAN” (2022) movie car before the film released and then worked with Cryptozoic Entertainment to designed their new “Pattinson Batmobile” collectable… and it has finally made it to pre-order!! You can take a look at it here.

Stephan Ehl did the sensational 3-d sculpt. Stephan and I worked together previously on the Cryptozoic ’66 Batmoble collectable. He is one amazingly talented guy.  

4 Comments on “Pattinson Batmobile

  1. I definitely need this for my husband! I have already bought the older Batman car from you…and messaged you I needed the old one and you had to tell me I already bought him one!!! No one ever said I was smart lol!
    Can I order it later on this year or should I get one now?

  2. Hi Dennis!
    This a so cool! Say, whatever happened to the Ghostbusters Ecto 1-A design?
    I was stoked to see Cryptozoic bring that to reality.

    Bill Frauhiger

    • hmm… I’m not sure… there are a million and one hoops you have to jump thru when you deal with heavily licensed properties… apparently we hit a wall on that one 🙂

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