Elder Scrolls Online

I play a game called Elder Scrolls Online where I occasionally have to save the world from infestations of dragons, monsters and various other unsavory creatures. One of the things I like best about the game is it allows you to construct your very own custom characters. As I illustrated this picture of a fellow I designed, I discovered there seems to be a disconnect between the character I see on my Xbox and the character I see in my head. He’s an orc named WeaselHammer, he’s a tank and that’s his ferocious war chicken Frank who stands faithfully at his side, ready for action.

Skyrim Ice Troll

Whenever I see Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer on television, I usually dial in for a little of it. I like how Yukon Cornelius makes a friend out of Bumbles, the lovable, bouncing, abominable snowman. You can imagine how excited I was the other night as I wandered around Skyrim and ran into a lovable abominable snowman there. Unfortunately, it was not a lovable abominable snowman, it was a Skyrim Ice Troll which promptly killed poor Magnus StormWeasel yet again. Magnus StormWeasel… good hearted… dumb as a rock.

Skyrim Target Practice

My Skyrim character, Magnus StormWeasel, couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with a bow and arrow if his life depended on it, so last night he decided to do a little target practice on a mammoth. This seemed like a pretty good idea because a mammoth is, after all, a mighty large target. Unfortunately, this particular mammoth seemed to have absolutely no sense of humor about this sort of thing and promptly ran over poor Magnus as he struggled to load his second arrow… dead again…

Skyrim Nord

I am a brand new, level one Skyrim Nerd, and this is my level one Skyrim Nord, Magnus StormWeasel. Unfortunately for Magnus, I am not a “gamer” so as a result, he is a bit of a dolt and does mostly really stupid things like unexpectedly jumping out a tower window five minutes into the game and killing himself much to my surprise… and his too, I suspect…