Skyrim Ice Troll

Whenever I see Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer on television, I usually dial in for a little of it. I like how Yukon Cornelius makes a friend out of Bumbles, the lovable, bouncing, abominable snowman. You can imagine how excited I was the other night as I wandered around Skyrim and ran into a lovable abominable snowman there. Unfortunately, it was not a lovable abominable snowman, it was a Skyrim Ice Troll which promptly killed poor Magnus StormWeasel yet again. Magnus StormWeasel… good hearted… dumb as a rock.

7 Comments on “Skyrim Ice Troll

  1. I love how you’re illustrating the video game as you talk about your adventures! I would like to see you play different game after Skyrim and illustrate that one,like a space game. Keep on keep’n on in JESUS and God Bless in JESUS Mighty Name and us ALL. Amen. Shalom

  2. Amazing as always. Dennis what program you think it’s better to paint in ipad?

    • Hi Otto… I use Brushes and it works really well, however, I just got an email from a fellow suggesting I try Sketch Club. He thought I might like it better, so I’m planning to download it and give that one a go soon…

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