Skyrim Ice Troll

Whenever I see Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer on television, I usually dial in for a little of it. I like how Yukon Cornelius makes a friend out of Bumbles, the lovable, bouncing, abominable snowman. You can imagine how excited I was the other night as I wandered around Skyrim and ran into a lovable abominable snowman there. Unfortunately, it was not a lovable abominable snowman, it was a Skyrim Ice Troll which promptly killed poor Magnus StormWeasel yet again. Magnus StormWeasel… good hearted… dumb as a rock.


  1. I love how you’re illustrating the video game as you talk about your adventures! I would like to see you play different game after Skyrim and illustrate that one,like a space game. Keep on keep’n on in JESUS and God Bless in JESUS Mighty Name and us ALL. Amen. Shalom

    1. Hi Otto… I use Brushes and it works really well, however, I just got an email from a fellow suggesting I try Sketch Club. He thought I might like it better, so I’m planning to download it and give that one a go soon…

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